Introduction to Test Fundamentals 2


Lesson 2 – Using a Test Program

This lesson describes the basic function and flow of a test program, and introduces the hardware resources within the ATE system used to verify proper operation of the device under test. The operation of the Precision Measurement Unit, and the Pin Electronic circuitry is included.

Topics include:

  •  Components of a Test Program
  •  Functions of a Test Program
  •  Test to categorize devices (Class/Bin)
  •  Hardware/Instrumentation of ATE
  •  Functional / Structural Test
  •  Various types of ATE systems
  •  ATE Software / Languages
  •  Precision Measurement Units
  •  Voltage /  Current Clamps
  •  Pin Electronics Circuit (PEC)

There are 45 individual screens in this section and a 10 question quiz.


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