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Introduction To Test Fundamentals

This unique Introduction to Test Fundamentals Online Training course has been developed to meet the current needs of the semiconductor industry. The course provides an introduction to the concepts of digital testing using Automatic Test Equipment (ATE). Our goal is to provide the knowledge necessary to start you on your way to becoming a successful Test/Product engineer, or Technician in digital component test.

The course has been developed by a team of professional Test and Product Engineers who share their experience and knowledge through a series of interactive lessons which holds your attention and actually makes learning fun. Jump start your career by learning skills that have traditionally taken years of on the job training. Best of all, it’s available when and where you need it.

What’s in the Course?

The course consists of the following:

  • Course Introduction
  • Pre-Assessment Quiz
  • Introduction to Semiconductors and Automatic Testing
  • The Test Program and ATE Hardware
  • Devices and Specifications
  • DC Tests using the Virtual Precision Measurement Unit
  • Introduction to Functional Testing
  • Trouble-Shooting – develop and improve your skills
  • Post-Assessment Quiz
  • Course Summary

How long is the course?

Generally 12 to 16 hours are required to complete the course. The actual time will depend upon your experience and the time spent  reviewing the course material.

How does it work?

After purchasing the course you receive an online link to the training. The course has been developed in Adobe Flash so you access it with your browser. A high-speed internet connection is recommended. For additional details select the Pricing/Ordering link on the left side menu.

What will I find?

Audio, Animations, Illustrations, Pop-up Screens, and Inter-Activity make learning interesting and fun. Pictures and graphics provide a first hand look at  the manufacturing  and test processes.

The VPMU is a Virtual Precision Measurement Unit, designed to provide a hands-on leaning experience for developing DC tests and interpreting device specifications. It teaches you programming techniques without the need of expensive test system time.

Trouble-Shooting skills are developed through a series of interactive scenarios based on actual test floor problems. Datalogs illustrate the problem, clues are given, and choices of what to do next are available. You select the next logical step, gain additional information and proceed until the problem is solved. Each scenarios presents a unique set of challenges designed to develop or enhance your trouble-shooting skills.

The course begins with a Pre-Assessment Quiz and ends with a Post-Assessment Quiz. Interactive Quizzes are used throughout the course to reinforce your knowledge and to evaluate your progress.

Is There More?

Yes! The Fundamentals of Digital Semiconductor Testing text is an excellent companion. This reference includes the information presented in the online course, but also includes advanced topics. It will serve as a reference after you have completed the online course, and as you advance your career in the semiconductor industry. This text includes all of the information found in the online course, but does not follow the exact same flow.

Upon completion of the online course, you will be eligible to register for advanced training. Soft Test offers an instructor lead course which includes the complex topics of Functional/Structural Testing, AC/DC Testing, Device Characterization, and more.

What Type of Computer do I need?

A minimum of an 800MHz Pentium III, 512 MB memory, mouse, sound card, Windows XP, IE 6, high-speed internet connection, video resolution of 1024×768, and Macromedia Flash Player 7 (free from Adobe).

See a Demonstration:

You can view a demonstration of this course by using the link below. Two chapters are available for viewing, they illustrate the basic design and function of the course.

Click here to view the demonstration

Introduction to Test Fundamentals Online Training


Single User Pricing: $99.00

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