Testing A / D Converters – Quiz

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1. How many measurable code widths does a 10-bit ADC have?


2. Which type of ADC requires a sample-and-hold circuit at its input?


3. Which ADC parameter does quantization error affect most?

Total Harmonic Distortion
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
Spurious-Free Dynamic Range

4. Noise shaping is:

An effect seen with flash ADCs
An effect seen with SAR ADCs
An effect seen with all types of ADCs
An effect seen with sigma-delta ADCs

5. If an ADC has “no missing codes”, its DNL is guaranteed better than:

0.5 LSB
1.0 LSB
1.5 LSB
2.0 LSB

6. What advantage does a servo loop have over a ramp generarator for ADC linearity testing?

It is a faster method
It requires no special hardware
It is a more accurate method
It produces a lower distortion sinusoid

7. What is the primary disadvantge of using the normal histogram method for ADC linearity testing?

It does not find DNL values
It does not find sparkle codes
It does not find INL values
It does not find THD values

8. Which formula best describes the frequencies at which Intermodulation Distortion appears?

9. What is the “Effective Number of Bits” for an ADC?

The resolution of the device
The resolution of the device minus its measured INL value
A calculation that relates SNR and linearity
A measurement that relates THD and linearity

10. What is the dynamic range of a 16-bit ADC?


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