Digital Testing – Course Details

Course Length Standard: 5 days


This course is designed to explain the concepts and techniques used in testing digital semiconductors with ATE equipment. Practical information is presented pertaining to test program development, debugging techniques and yield analysis. DC, AC, Functional and Device Characterization are discussed in detail. An overview of current test requirements of semiconductor industry is also presented.


Our goal is to provide useful, practical information that will quickly improve the skill set required to be a productive Test, Product or Applications Engineer. We present an environment where questions and interactions are welcome and everyone is treated with respect regardless of their experience level.


  • ATE system architecture and functionality
  • A solid understanding of device specifications.
  • An understanding of how / why each DC, AC and Functional test is performed
  • Understanding program flow and the trade-off of data collection vs. test time
  • Interpreting datalogs, characterization data and shmoo plots.
  • Methods for developing trouble-shooting and diagnostic skills.
  • Introduction to DFT, BIST, Scan, Structural and Defect Oriented Testing
  • Techniques to increase productivity for test and product engineers
  • Distribution Materials
  • The Fundamentals of Digital Semiconductor Testing text and all classroom materials are provided with the course.

Prerequisites An understanding of elementary electronics and a desire to learn.

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