Chip Testing Overview – Course Details

Course Length: 4 hours


From start to finish each step in the production test process is covered, some additional topics included in the course are outlined below:

We begin with a brief overview using short movie clips:

  • Growing the silicon and making base wafers
  • Fabricating the circuits onto base wafers
  • Wafer testing -first step in test process
  • Sawing wafers into die, assembling die into packages
  • Package test – second step of test
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Mark, Pack and Ship

Additional topics include:

  • Common types of ATE test equipment
  • Common circuits and design technologies
  • Peripheral Equipment
  • Device packages
  • Type of tests performed
  • What can be learned from testing
  • What does testing insure
  • Benefits of testing
  • The cost of test
  • Test philosophy
  • General Q & A
  • Summary


None – although this seminar introduces many technical terms and concepts, it is designed as an entry-level course, a technical background is not required.

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