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Soft Test is an association of professional Test Engineers with extensive skills in manufacturing and test of semiconductor devices for Digital, Mixed Signal, RF and Memory circuits. Acquiring and developing test-engineering skills takes time, patience and hands-on experience. Over the years we have developed and refined a series of technical courses that allow us to share our experience with others. Our courses are designed to provide the fundamental knowledge necessary to get you started quickly on the path to becoming a competent and productive Test, Product or Applications Engineer.

Each of our instructors has many years of experience working directly on the manufacturing test floor dealing with engineering issues on a daily basis. Drawing upon this experience we share our knowledge and provide information to help you avoid common mistakes made by engineers new to the field of semiconductor test.

Many ATE equipment manufactures recommend our courses as a prerequisite to their own application specific equipment training. We maintain a close working relationship with the ATE equipment community to ensure that our training provides the skills necessary to successfully complete hardware specific application training.

Soft Test is committed to providing the highest quality technical training to the Semiconductor and ATE Industries. Your suggestions and comments are always welcome, please let us know how our training and products have worked for you.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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