Soft Test is an independent provider of Semiconductor Test Technology courses

Serving the Semiconductor and ATE Industries since 1984.

Our courses include both the theoretical and practical aspects of semiconductor testing for Digital, Mixed Signal, Memory, RF (wireless)  and DFT Enabled Devices.

The information presented is based upon years of test floor experience and provides the fundamental skills needed to become a successful Test, Product or Applications Engineer.

Our goal is to provide practical knowledge that will establish a solid foundation to build upon as your own experience grows. We present an environment where questions and interactions are welcome and everyone is treated with respect regardless of their experience level.

Please take a moment to browse this site for a description of our products and courses.

New: Books are now available in PDF format for immediate download. PDF files are printable, searchable and in color. Downloading the PDF saves shipping cost, time and is immediately available to you!

Thank you for your interest in Soft Test.

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